Heather Glenn Vines

Heather Glenn Vines

When We Run Away, We Never Really Leave Our Problems Behind…

How many times had Maggie heard this when she was growing up? Yet here she was, twenty-eight years old, on a train with her five-year-old daughter, running away.

Switch is the story of Maggie and Jack, two strangers who meet on a train, headed in opposite directions: Maggie is running away from her mess while Jack is returning to clean up his. One small act of avoidance on Maggie’s part, however, starts a chain reaction of destruction. She learns that the more she runs away, the more out of control her world becomes.

Will Maggie face what she fears? Or will she keep running? Does Jack find the peace he’s so desperately seeking? And how will their chance encounter change each of their lives forever?

Meet the Author

Heather Glenn Vines

Heather Glenn Vines, author of a number of children’s books including Love, Sun and That’s One Odd Duck, lives in Montana on Flathead Lake and in Portland, Oregon. A former advertising copywriter in New York City, she has a Master’s degree in English Literature from Virginia Tech.

Little Books for Hearts & Minds

Love, Sun is a gentle bedtime story that follows the sun throughout her day, as she lovingly watches over her children. As evening comes, she discovers she isn’t the only one in the sky. Beautifully illustrated, this book leaves young ones with the feeling that they are deeply cared for, day and night.

Meet Baxter – He has big clumsy feet, a giant orange nose, and he waddles when he walks. No matter how hard he tries, Baxter just can’t keep up with the other kittens. They run fast; he waddles. They meow; he quacks.
Baxter just can’t do what they do.
And do you know why? Because he is different. He’s a duck!
Join Baxter on an adventure of a lifetime as he waddles down the delightful path of self-discovery. Like Baxter, you’ll discover being different isn’t always a bad thing.


Switch is the perfect novel for anyone who has ever contemplated running away from their life—and who hasn’t? Heather Vines tells Jack and Maggie’s stories deftly, keeping us turning pages as we grow more and more in love with these characters.”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and When Teddy Came to Town

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